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D ial 284-2222 117th Y e ar

DIXON, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 19 67 Number 205 è 24 Pages PRICE TEN CENTS Communi sts Hi t Vi et ri son; Terro rist Attacks On Increase Rel ease 997

REPORTER’S REFLECTIONS —On a per square foot basis the city has paid prices ran gin g from $3.25 to $5.21 for off-street parkin g lots. A spokesman for the Bean - blossom family met in formally with the City Coun cil an d said the $62,500 price asked for the parkin g lot own ed by the Bean - blossom family an d leased by the city was based on $5.25 per square foot. The spokesman reported this price is offered as part of a lease-purchase option coverin g a five-year period d urin g which time ren t of $270 per mon th shall be paid on the property. He repo rted the family has no t decided what price wo uld be acceptable as a lump-sum pay ment fo r the pro perty no w rather than after fiv e y ears under the lease ag reement. The terms of the lease-pur chase agreemen t the Bean blos- soms propose, the spokesman said , takes in to accoun t the 14 per cen t d rop in the value of the d ollar in the past 10 years. In d etailin g history of the ci­ ty’s experien ce with the Bean - blossom lot, which is half of the Sin ow-Bean blossom parkin g lot located off River Street between Hen n epin an d Galen a, the spokesman remin d ed the city fathers that their cost to read y the lot for parkin g 10 years ago was on ly $1,000. —That the Bean blossom por­ tion afford ed the city 39 parkin g meters. He said ren t for the Sin ow portion of the lot has been the same as for the Bean blossom portion , $200 per mon th for each, although the city has given the Sin ow family an easemen t on the west of the lot an d that on ly 26 meters are in stalled on this half of the parkin g lot. The spokesman said the fam­ ily d esires that the city should have first chan ce to acquire the property at a price commen sur ate with what the city has paid for other d own town properties. The lease o n the Beanblo so m pro perty ex pires Thurs­ day and it was sug g ested the family co nsider a 6 0 - to 9 0 - day ex tensio n o f the lease with

(See TAKE IT . . . Pag e 8)

OK Stud y o f Perma nent Chlo rina tio n Fa cilities

Chicag o Firm Lo w Bidder o n Wo rk at DSS

SPRINGFIELD - The R. B. Mon ahan Co., Chicago, was the apparen t low bid d er for altera­ tion s to four Dixon State School Cottages. The bid , open ed Tuesd ay in Sprin gfield , totaled $764,444. On ly on e other bid was submitted , that by the Gron ie Co., Decatur, in the amoun t of $860,777. Bid s open ed a week ago in con ­ n ection with the mechan ical work on the project were: Electrical—Frise Walters Co., Chicago, $173,685; Cahill Electric Co., Dixon , $180,9 71. Plumbin g—Great Lakes Plumb­ in g an d Healin g Chicago, $162,- 443; an d Fullerton Plumbin g an d Heatin g, Chicago, $167,59 5. Ven tilatin g Ad miral Heatin g an d Ven tilatin g, Hillsid e, $15,475; an d the Robert Irsay Co., Skokie, $158,500. Heatin g Ad miral Heatin g an d Ven tilatin g, $104,000; an d Great Lakes Plumbin g an d Heatin g, $144,475. Pipe Coverin g Sprin gman n Son s Corp., Peoria, $39 ,352; an d Mechan ical In sulation Co., Ke- wanee, $3 9 ,813 . Estimated completion time of the project is some 450 workin g d ays.

SAIGON (AP) Commun ist sold iers bold ly moved in to a provin cial capital early tod ay un d er cover of a heavy mortar barrage an d freed 9 9 7 prison ­ ers in the most d ramatic action of the Red campaign to d isrupt an d d iscred it South Vietn am’s presid en tial election s. A wave of attacks in the five provin ces makin g up the war zon e bord erin g North Vietn am in d icated an all-out effort to spread d isaffection in the sector which has always been the most politically sen sitive in the n tion . Mean while, Chief of State Nguyen Van Thieu, the fron t- run n in g military can d id ate for presid en t in Sun d ay’s election s, said tod ay that if elected he may try to halt the bombin g of North Vietn am for more than the on e week he has been proposin g. A lon ger pause would d epen d on a favorable respon se from Han oi an d on agreemen t from the Un ited States, Thieu stressed in a talk with n ewsmen after campaign speech to more than 10,000 Vietn amese troops Thieu told the troops: We are read y to n egotiate. The problem is whether North Viet n am will accept. It is up to them.” The d elegation of 22 Ameri­ can s n amed by Presid en t John son to observe the election s ar­ rived in Vietn am tod ay. Lod ge, two-time ambassad or to South Vietn am an d n ow < rovin g en voy for John son , is ac­ compan yin g the group as guid e an d ad viser. There were 29 reported at­ tacks or in cid en ts in the 1st Corps war zon e, where the groun d war an d the political war have blen d ed in to a sin gle fierce struggle in the past few d ays. While the attack on the jail in Quan g Ngai was the most spectacular Red assault, the Commun ists also hit a power- station , a helicopter field , a U.S. military ad visory compoun d , a U.S. Seabee camp an d a rad io station . The South Vietn amese suf­ fered man y casualties, in clud ­ in g 70 killed an d 104 woun d ed in a combin ed mortar an d groun d attack on a Vietn amese army post an d d istrict head quarters at Tam Ky. Three American s were report­ ed killed an d 44 woun d ed , while kn own Commun ist losses were (See VIET . . . Page 8)

At the in sisten ce of the State San itary Water board , the city in early August hastily got together a make-shift process to chlorin ate treated d isposal an d by-pass storm sewer water leavin g the sewage d isposal plan t an d goin g in to the Rock River.

Commission er Walter P. Lohse said the chlorin atin g will be re­ quired un til Oct. 15. an d must be recommen ced on May 1.

Emphasizin g the n ecessity of the city to con struct more per­ man en t facilities, Lohse report­ ed , the equipmen t ren tal an d oth­ er costs associated with the tem­ porary operation this season will cost the city about $5,000. Howard Wellman , en gin eer for Willett, Hofman n an d Associates. In c., appeared at Tuesd ay n ight’s City Coun cil meetin g an d explain -

Gra d e Scho o l Enro llment Sho ws Dro p

En rollmen t figures released to­ d ay by Stan ley Weber, superin ­ ten d en t of schools, in d icate there are some 1,450 stud en ts en rolled at Dixon High School, about 113 more than last year's 1,337: an d 3,081 en rolled in elemen tary schools, some 9 0 less than last year’s total en rollmen t of 3,171. A breakd own of en rollmen t at the high school, again usin g this year's figure first an d last year's figure last, is as follows; fre-h- meti, 429 -376. up 53; sophomores, 375-321, up 54; jun iors, 321-324, d own 3; sen iors, 314-289 , up 25, an d ed ucable men tally han d capped remain s at 22. En rollmen t at the elemen tary in - schools, usin g this year’s figure first an d last year’s figure last, are; Gran d Detour, 181-176, up five; Jefferson . 566-562. up four; Lin coln , 637*670, d own 33; Mad -

ed two perman en t plan s for chlor-, d uct could be operated to in atin g the effluen ce from the 1 crease the capacity of the pre­ sewage treatmen t plan t, both of J sen t plan t, which, he said , would satisfy the Majo r Alteratio n state water board . j Commission er Lyle Ballard Estimated ( osts expressed d ispleased surprise ison , 625-59 8, up 27; South Cen - Wellman d isclosed the estimated that the city should be required tral, 355-411, d own 56; Washin g- cost of on e plan is $81,000, an d t0 makp suph a major alteration ton , 717-754, d own 37. the other is $101.000. a pjan t which is on ly about At St. Mary’s Catholic School The en gin eer an d the coun cil ^ vp years 0)(j total en rollmen t this year is 435, d ecid ed the moio expon si\o fa- . . r n m n n v p d to l as t \ e ar ' s 4 5 5 .... .. , , ,, , He asked , Should n t the en gi- tom parea lo ld Sl >cai s 4 .1 0, cilitv would be cheapen in the lon g . omp ipss qqlis ls because n eers have in clud ed this proc- sorn e -u iesi'- ,ms ,s d UM ess for chlorin atin g effluen ce the n umber of outgoin g eighth wellmight have wan ted from the plan t in the d rawin g ^ra(*e giad uates is gteatei than submitted for the facility?” | the n umber of in comin g first Mayor George Lin d quist told grad ers, a school spokesman Ballard that the state water 1 sai(l. board approved the proposed A* St. An n e s Catholic School en rollmen t was d own on e this year with 187 stud en ts en rolled .

Nh V THrphot« Trio Arrested Nazi followers of assassin ated George Lin coln Rock­ well were arrested b\ military police when they in ­ sisted on wearin g their regalia, such as sw astika a r m b a n d s , in to Culpeper, Va., Nation al C em etery. The Pen tagon had ruled they could n 't.

Nazi Party Muni o n Ro ckwell Burial Sile

run . Reason s for this are that the operatin g costs of the cheaper plan will be $1.800 to $2.000 per year higher than for the higher- priced in stallation . Wellman also poin ted out the

CULPEPER, was just the fun eral George

Va. (AP) It to bury Rockwell in Virgin ia, but kin d of n ear- would n ot say where. Lin coln Rock-. Rockwell’s followers refused to d off their Na/i in sign ia an d

His small, fan atic ban d of swastika flat; behin d American N an s gain ed cen ter <■"*" the peaceful little Cul- stage in full glare of the n ation- 1 IM’Per al spotlight Tuesd ay—eon fron t-

cheaper price solution could af- sewaEe treatmen t plan t plan s feet the d isposal plan t lo red uce ! without an y commen t about the . chlorin ation process bein g in -1 tom pa red la-i seal s IK.

ed by the U.S. Army, surroun d ­ ed bv television cameras.

its capacity to accommod ate sew a2e i elud ed in the plan s. 1 Lin d quist asserted the whole ! th* fiSure ,0 « ° 10 194 because; get it.

Rockwell had cherished pub j School officials, however, expect licity—an d d id man y thin to

The $101,000 plan as a by-pro- busin ess about Bo ard To Hear Objectio ns to Land Rezo ning

The Zon in g Board of Appeals will have a busier n ight than usual ton ight as they review seven peti­ tion s some of which are bein g ob­ jected to by property own ers liv­ in g n ear the lan d for which rezon ­ in g requests have been mad e. Two of the petition s are carry­ overs from last mon th's board meetin g because of a stud y con ­ d ucted by board members in view of objection s raised . The carrryover petition s are from Paul F. Green an d Don ald Rcmrey, both of Dixon . Green is askin g that a tract of lan d just off River Road be rezon ed from Ag-1, agricultural, to C-3, com­ mercial. Green states in his petition he in ten d s to sell the lan d to the R. V. Mon ahan Con struction Co., Chicago, which wan ts to erect storage an d office build in gs. Ob­ jection s by property own ers were based on a claim that a road lead in g from River Road to the lan d is privately own ed . Board members tod ay revealed that in formation obtain ed by them in d icates the road is a public road an d n ot privately own ed . Remrey is seekin g to rezon e a tract of lan d on Cropsey Aven ue from R-2, resid en tial, to C-3, com-

came up very sud d en ly.” Ballard d isagreed , sayin g for a lon g time he had heard chlor­ in ation talked about at every' mun icipal meetin g he had at­ ten d ed . The coun cil agreed to have the en gin eerin g firm make en - j gin eerin g d rawin gs for the proj­ ect. Parkin g Meters On an other subject Commis­ sion er George Lamb reported mercial, to store wrecked auto- the on e-hour limit parkin g mo- mobiles temporarily. This peti- ters agreed on at the last coun - tion is also bein g opposed . | cil session w i l l be in stalled as In n ew’ petition s to be con sid -1 soon as *br d epartmen t s meter-j ered ton ight, some 50 person s j man return s from vacation , sign ed a petition opposin g a re -1 City Atty. Ed ward Jon es was quest from Elwood C. an d Helen I in structed to obtain easemen t S. Rickard , Dixon , askin g that the !ag,pomen *s *rom property own - board approve the rezon in g of ers wbo W]b b(’ affected by the lan d they o w ti in Palmyra Town - Pr°P°sed storm sewer project in ship on old Alt. 30, five miles | an area on lhe southwest sid e west of Dixon , to be used as a quarry for blastin g an d process­ in g ston e.

Other petition s to which there were n o objection s fill'd at this time arc from the Paw Paw San itary District; William Rein ­ ers, Amboy; Paul D. an d Mary E. Stouffer. Dixon ; an d the Chuck Haen itsch Truckin g Co., In c. The Paw’ Paw San itary District is seekin g to rezon e four acres of lan d in Wyomin g Town ship, just west of Paw Paw, from 1-1 in d ustrial, to 1-2, for storage of an hyd rous ammon ia an d related materials. Rein ers is askin g that property he own s south of Amboy an d west (See BOARD . . . Page 8)

chlorin ation lbe grad es have been exten d ed from 1-6 to 1-7. As a corpse he attain ed lus ul timatc publicity.

W est G e n n a n D e fe n s e C h ie f H u rt in Full

But at the en d of a d ay at times so weird it was like a had movie, the bod y of the slain fuerher” remain ed

Nation al Cemetery an d bury their assassin ated chief. But those were the groun d rules laid d own by the Army. An d when it came time for the govern men t graved iggers to go home the Army rescin d ed its permission for ex Navy Cmd r. Rockwell to be in terred In Cul­ peper—or an y other military cemetery A short, trim, soft-spoken ma­ jor gen eral an n oun ced the

un buried A™» chan « - n f hca_rt at’" an d the Nazis refused to reveal where his bod y was or what they plan n ed to d o with it.

the hearse bearin j Rockwell surroun d ed by five un iformed mourn ers an d perhaps two d oz- HAMBURG, West German y Ul' ' 1,1 uw pn ¡n (-ivi)ian clothes, spen t five (UPI) —West German d efen se By n oon tod ay, party lead ers hours at the gate of the shad ed , min ister Gerhard Schroed er, were reported still d iscussin g usually seren e burial groun d , perhaps the most pro-American burial plan s at their Arlin gton , .\ chorus of booin g an d Heil lead er in Bon n , tod ay was Va., head quarters. On e man who Hitler!” arms upraised an d hospitalized with serious” head wan d ered d own the hill from all—greeted the an n oun cemen t in juries suffered when he the ramshackle house said the by Maj. Gen . Carl C. Turn er, slipped on a fruit peel an d fell, d ecision alread y had been mad e Army provost marshal. Natio nalize U.S. Oil Co mpanies in Alg eria of the city. Lin d quist appoin ted Mrs. Stan ­ ton Williams, 1210 Secon d St., as a member of the KSB Hos­ pital board to replace Mrs. For- ___ ____ _____ est Trautwein , 105 E. Boyd St., | tion eiized five American -operat- |lste(i lhe n ation alized com pa- who resign ed . ^ compan ies. He ach'd as n ies as Esso-Stan d ard Algérie,

By Un ited Press In tern ation al ; foreign min ister to sit in on the Militan t Algerian Presid en t summit, Atassi sen t n o on e. set a recon ciliatorv ton e for the summit by hold in g han d s in Houari Boumed ien n e tod ay n a- Thp Algerian official journ al ; Public.

The coun cil approved labor olher Arab chiefs an d outsid e claims amoun tin g to Khartoum 10 m aP

N a h 2 4- Y e a r - O ld M a n

Wea ther

Partly cloud y an d quite cool ton ight. Lows ton ight 46-54. Thursd ay partly sun n y an d cool with highs 65-73.

$34,216.09 .

S e e I t I n s id e

•BIG 3' OFFER - Lead ers of the Un ited Auto Workers stud y a con tract offer from the Big Three automakers, an of­ fer the un ion is almost sure to reject. Page 9. Ed itorial Features ....P age 4 Society News .................Page 5 Local, Area News ..Pages 8, 9 TV Guid e ........................ Page 10 Sports News ................. Page li Comics ............................Page 21

Esso - Erica, Esso - Saharein n e. Mobil Oil-Nord Afn cain e an d Mobil Oil Fran ce. The summit in Khartoum was called to forge common mea-

Nasser had sn ubbed Faisal Tuesd ay, refusin g to rid e in the same car with him from the Khartoum Airport. Faisal also was the target of a d emon stra­ tion by pro-Egyptian Arabs as he d rove in alon e. Police used tear gas to d isperse the

met in common program of econ omic an d other reprisals again st Israel an d its Western frien d s.” Boumed ien n e refused lo at- surcs t0 “elimin ate the con se- ten d the Arab summit because j quen ces of Israeli aggression d emon strators, of the failure of the Arab an fj t() d ecid e how far to go in Tod ay Nasser an d Faisal foreign min isters, who d rew up ' pUn ishin g its alleged supports. heid han d s as they rod e the d raft agen d a, to approve in n ajs0 was d esign ed to patch up together from the Sud an hotel ad van ce his proposals for a imer-Arab d ifferen ces. ' t() the Republican Palace where guerrilla war again st Israel an d j F.ight Arab lead ers showed the meetin g is bein g held behin d up. Tun isia, Libya an d Morocco ciosed d oors. Also in the car d rastic retaliation again st the Un ited States an d other western powers who backed the Jewish state. Syrian Presid en t Noured d in Al Atassi, an other ad vocate of a

sen t high-ran kin g represen ta­ tives. Held Han d s UPI correspon d en t John P at­ ter reported from Khartoum

was Jord an ’s Kin g Hussein , who

(See OIL . . . Page 8)

3 Bank Emplo y es Herded Into Safe; Sho t? Killed

OVERTON, Nev. (AP The I amoun t taken will be mad e to- man ager of a ban k an d his two d ay. women tellers were herd ed in to j \ short time before the three a vault late Tuesd ay an d shot to were slain , sheriff’s officers d eath. A 24-year-old man was ; said , a youn g man tried to rob a later arrested an d charged with 1 bait shop two blocks away.

hard -lin e policy, also stayed that lon g-time en emies U.A.Il. home. Boumed ien n e sen t his Presid en t Gamal Abd el Nasser an d Kin g Faisal of Saud i Arabia

Quo ta b le

murd er an d robbery.

The slayin gs were d iscovered by a farmer, Norman T. Shurt- liff, who had gon e to the ban k to talk about a loan .

The ban k man ager, Larry

A clerk, Ad ella Maxey, said the man asked for shells for a gun an d then , as she turn ed , d man d ed that she give him all the store’s mon ey. She took about $30 from a cash register, Mrs. Maxey told Staley, 27, an d the tellers—Vera police, but the man said : If Walkin gton , 30, an d Betty Heit- that’s all you’ve got, forget it. man n , 40—were each shot in the It’s n ot worth my life or your head . Normally, two other per- life.” son s work at the Overton ' Mrs. Maxey said he then said bran ch of the Ban k of Las Ve- j he had been kid d in g, an d talked gas but both were off. 1 with her for 10 min utes before ^ T ; buyin g beer an d leavin g. Terry Lyn n Con ger a con - Mrs. Maxey telephon ed Depu- struction worker, was taken in to custod y at his home in the farm­ in g commun ity of Moapa, about 15 miles n ortheast of Overton . He was booked in to Carbon Coun ty Jail on charges of mur­ d er an d robbery.

ty Sheriff Cleo Whitn ey, an d Whitn ey was in the bait store when word came of the ban k killin gs. Road blocks were set up, an d about an hour later Con ger’s car was spotted by a pilot, An aud it to d etermin e the i which led to his arrest.

Pleasure an d action make the hours seem short. Shakespeare

—AF ft in -photo Bridg e Blasted by Viet Co ng Terro rists Half o f the steel Phung Ho ep bridg e at Can Tho , So uth Vietnam, lies under water after the Viet Co ng flo ated clay mo re mines under it and deto nated them. Bridg e was o ne o f nine crumpled by Viet Co ng as part o f a pre-electio n terro rist campaig n. Pedestrians cro ss riv er o n a flo ating fo o tbridg e that halts sampan traffic o n the riv er.

In Peking Dip lo ma ts Ex it Visa s Ca nceled

TOKYO (AP) Red Chin a to- tion s between Chin a an d Brit- d ay can celed exit visas of Brit- ain ?” the broad cast said , ish d iplomats station ed in Pe- There was n o immed iate re­ kin g, ord ered their movemen ts spon se in Lon d on , but Foreign con fin ed to 400-yard trips be- Office sources in d icated that the tween home an d office an d on ly course open to the British threaten ed further retaliation was to try to preven t n ew in ci- for clashes between Lon d on po- d en ts at the Chin ese mission in lice an d Chin ese mission person - ord er n ot to en d an ger the Brit- n el who fought them with axes ish in Pekin g further. The For- an d bats. eign Office said the Chin ese in - Pekin g Rad io, chargin g that stigated the clashes, the British govern men t in sti- About 50 police officers, with gated ruffian s to beat up” 40 men in reserve, remain ed on Chin ese d iplomats in Lon d on in j d uty n ear the Chin ese mission a wild melee Tuesd ay, said in a build in g on the frin ge of Lon - broad cast that n o British per- d on ’s fashion able Mayfair Dis* son n el would be allowed to trict. The police broke up a leave their legation compoun d crowd of more than 100 just be- without submittin g application s fore mid n ight, an d Scotlan d 48 hours in ad van ce. Yard ban n ed d emon stration s “The Chin ese govern men t an d gatherin gs in eight streets hereby asks the British govern - aroun d the legation , men t in all seriousn ess: Where Two clashes jarred the area d o you wan t to push the rela* (See DIPLOMATS . . Pag e 8)

Page 2 DIXON EVENING TELEGRAPH Wednesday , August 3 0, lOni

Peo ple in Ohio News

Miss Nancy Sisler. DeKalb, has I been v isiting the p ast week with , friends and relativ es here and w as a g u est of Mr. and Mrs. Gu y Sisler. Walnu t, and Mr. and M rs.! Georg e Sisler. Mr. and Mrs. .Tay T>u nn took his sister, Sister Elizabeth, to Nau v oo, Su nday . She had been v isiting relativ es here. Mr. ami Mrs .T. R. Doran left Tu esday for a few day s v acation. Places of interest v isited were Iowa City . Iowa, the Atnana Colonies and Nau v oo. On their retu rn trip Su nday they stop p ed at Dav enp ort, Iowa, to call on their son-in-law and dau g ter. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Zim­ merman Other v isitors weie Eileen, Kathy and Sheila Doran ami Don Bru ce They all enjoy ed a cook-ou t tog ether.

Mrs. Mary Rickert entertained the Wednesday Clu b Wednesday afternoon in the home of her dau g hter. Mrs. ( lay ton (lUithet. Bridg e p rizes were receiv ed by Mrs. Harold Tu cker and Mrs. Lou is Minkler. Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Falev and family , Peoria, were g u ests Su day of Mrs. Mike Falev . Mr and Mrs. Harold Tu cker and Mr. and Mrs, Jay Du nn and family recently attended a fam ­ ily reu nion at the Bob Pike home near Pontiac. Mr and Mrs. Orin Heu er and family , Princeton, were su p p er g u ests Su nday of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Morg ensen. Mrs. Ju liu s Saltzman, Mrs. Catherine VanDeMark, and Mrs. Harry Chenneou r retu rned from an eig ht-day tou r to Ex p o 6 7.

Po lo So cia l No tes

POLO ■— Mrs. Ray mond Glorl- feltv . Mou nt M orns, v isited her mother, Mrs. 0 . M. Wolfensberg - er Satu rday . Mrs. Camilla Jones and sisters, M arg u erite and Irene Poole drov e to Harv ey Friday where Mar­ g u erite remained to resu m e her school du ties.

Mr ami Mrs. Karl Cox and fam­ ily , Mou nt Morris, v isited the form er’s father, Henry , Su nday afternoon. Miss Shirley Ports, Rockford, ‘ip ent the weekend with her p ar­ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralp h Ports.

Mr. and Mrs E M. Ty ne and family hav e retu rned from a v cation at Winnep eg , Canada.

Mr and Mrs. Ev erett W ebster,: Mr. and Mrs. Pau l Schmidt and Dan, Mr. and Mrs. Don Shau lis, Janice and Dav id, were Su nday ev ening v isitors of Dwig ht Silv iu s, Milledg ev ille.

Su nday ev ening g u ests of Mr. and Mrs. E v erett W ebster were the form er's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. WUmer Gerdes and Caroly n, Dix on.


Mr. ami Mrs. Clarence Embry attended the wedding of Miss Barbara Jean Johnson, dau g hter of Mr. and Mrs. Oral Johnson. Rockford, and Larry Rig g s, sort of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Rig g s. Ot- | tawa. at Bethel Methodist Chu rch Rockford. Satu rday afternoon. The brideg room is a g reat nep hew of Mrs. Embry . Su ndav g u ests of John Gorzny

were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sch-1 roder ami Kim, Morrison. Joining them for su p p er were Mrs. Fran­ ces Bohms and Barry Schu dder,! Rock Falls.

Lisa, Jim and Mathew Conk -1 lin. Sou th Beloit, v isited their j g randmother. Mrs. Ju lia Conklin.' Satu rday afternoon. The 'children and their p arents. Mr. and Mrs.! Jim Conklin, are sp ending sev - | oral day s w ith Mrs. Conklin's p ar­ ents. Mr, and Mrs. Bernard Man- j ning . *

Mrs. Don Waters, Connie and Ju lis, Sterling , and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Beard were Su nday din­ ner g u est* of Mrs. Ju lia Conklin.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Bender and j family . Rockford, were weekend j g u ests of the form er’s mother, ! Mrs. Lewis Bender.

Stev e Mains who is stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo, arriv ed Su nday for a two week leav e with his p arents, Mr, and Mrs \ lrg il Mains. The Secret Hooters enjoy ed a p icnic at Camp Emmau s near Mou nt Morris Su nday . Those at­ tending were Mr. and Mrs. Irv in

Wu bbena and Tru dy . Forreston; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Garber, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beu lke. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Pu dlas and Jalay ne Haldane; Mr. and Mrs. Art My ers,

Mou nt Morris; Air. and Mrs Al­ v in Bu tler and Allen. LaGrang e; Mr. and Mrs. Clay ton Boslay and family , Rockford, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe You ng , Polo.

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The sweetest way to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY nr remem ber an Vnniv ersary is with a bo x o f

Fine Candies

Alway s Fresh To day and E v ery d a y ! C a ra m e l Corn . . . 10c & '?5c






THE DIXON EVENING TELEGRAPH 113 Peona Av e. Dix on. 111. 6 1021 Entered at the p ostoffice in the city of Dix on. Illinois, for transmission throu g hou t the mails as second class m atter. 2d Class p ostag e p aid at Dix on, 111., 6 1021 Pu blished daily ex ­ cep t Su nday and Holiday s. Bv mail in Lee, Og le, Bu ­ reau and Whiteside cou nties. $13.00 p er y ear; $7.00 six months; $4.50 three months; $2.50 p er month, ex cep t in commu nities where Teleg rap h carrier serv ice is maintained. Elsewhere in Illinois and any ­ where in the Lnited States $18.00 p er y ear. $9 .50 six months; $5.75 three months; $2.75 p er month. All mail su scrip tions strictly in adv ance. In Dix on by carrier 50c p er week or $26 00 p er y ear, p ay ­ able strictly in adv ance. Sing le cop y . 10 cents.

AN TIQUES AUCTION SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 196 7 BUREAU COUN TV FAIRGROUN DS PRINCETON, ILLINOIS (LOCATED AT WEST E D G E OF PRINCETON ON RT. 6 ) 11:00 A.M. RAIN OR SHINE SALE STARTS PROMPTLY Co nsisting o f the co ntents nf the Stev ens Ho use Antique Sho p o f Princeto n Illino is, as fo llo ws: Ov al marble to p table, Em pire maho gany table, china clo set with drawers. 3 curv ed glass china clo sets, wicker platfo rm ro cker, wicker baby and do ll carriages, English tea caddies jardinieres, pictures and picture fram es, ho o ks, plat bo o k o f Bureau Co unty , Harringlo n’* Bureau Co unty . Past and Present, wo o den cigar mo lds, granite kitchen ware, trix ets, o nio n" pattern fo o d warmer, English co pper co al scuttle, brass wo o d bo x . brass to asting fo rks, ink wells, iro nsto ne china, Tea Leaf, kero sene lam ps, lamp chim ney s and shades, stained glass lamps. Go ne With the Wind" lamp, hand painted plates, fish plates, large quantity o f pattern class, bo wl and pitcher, to y s, quimper ware, majo lica, co lo red glass, lustres, Teplit/ x ase. im m ense eo balt blue \a s e , litho phane sto v e, to o thpick ho lders. Bristo l v ases, art no uv eau, silv er, tea tiles, bread plates, carv ing set. candle ho lders. 2 po st card racks, dresser sets, mulberry iro sto ne, pieces o f Hav iland, Staffo rdshire figures, and many items o f wo o d, iro n, brass, co pper, china, and glass to o numero us to mentio n. TERM S: CASH Lunch will be serv ed o n the premises by the ladies o f the l nited Penteco stal Church Haro ld F. Yo rhies and William Etheridge, Auctio neers J o hn Rev eli and Gene Ho well, Clerks Edward Garnet F ay , Owner NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS

...............3 T in . 9 5 C

PEACHES 3 8 5 °

COCA COLA 8 '¿2- 4 9 °

RED POTATOES 20 £ 6 9 '








' m m BACON

MON. thru FRI. 1129 N. GALENA AVE. SAT. 8 A.M. - 6 P.M.

8 A.M. - 9 P.M. L IMIT RIGHTS RESERVED SUN* 8 A M’ " N 0 0 N



S U C T 3 B A C O ^ \




a l l - m e a t





SEEDLESS GRAPES f t i Cl 1 9 ' " - f 2


O Q c

RED - RIPE WATERMELON « â a » 7 9 '



REG. 53c Q ,

s p e c i a l H r * 7


P O T A T O C H IP S . . . 4 9 « COFFI DIPPITY DO - Reg. or H.H. BUTTERNUT

H A IR S E T G E L " 8 8 « BUNS FLAVOR KISTS - Slim Thins or Chip Thins . . . . . a .

D IE T C O O K IE S 216 9 « * MILN

C H A R C O A L 1 0 ,. 4 9 ' 20 » 9 9 ' FRES

EE 2 £ sl ls

2 ' C 45' OT 2 cZ 23' CA . n . 39 '


i 8 .109 *


EXTRA ¿¡¡S, STAMPS 11 with this coupon and purchase of ;; 100 STAMPS: 200 STAMPS!I

:: GOOD ONLY AT FOOD WORLD " " Exp ire s S a t, S e p t 2, 19 6 7 ! 1